The Country Kids Charity

We’re a not-for-profit with abig heart for rural and regional Aussie kids doing it tough.
Werely on the generosity of the Australian public to make an important differenceto country kids who are seriously sick, injured or have special needs and topromote rural youth development.

 We’re all about the kids

By subsidising things likemedical costs, travel, accommodation and providing essential equipment andservices, Little Windmills relieves some of the financial burden on familiesand allows mums and dads to focus on what’s important, the wellbeing of theirlittle one.

Little Windmills youthdevelopment program uses sport and Australian sporting ambassadors to addressesimportant mental health and well-being issues such as depression, suicide andsubstance abuse that our youth in country area’s face on a daily basis.  

100% of the funds raised fromdonations and donor fundraising campaigns are directed to the country kids whoneed it!

We’re passionate aboutsupporting country families with kids doing it tough throughout rural andregional Australia.

We meet our operationalexpenses through a portion of the funds generated by our lotteries and events.

Little Windmills relies onthe ongoing generosity and support of fellow Australians to make a difference.

Little Windmills is...

Governed by a responsible,experienced and passionate board of directors who volunteer their time insupport of Australia’s country kids in need.

Is a not-for-pro t PublicBenevolent Institution (PBI), a status granted by the Australian Charities andNot-For-Pro ts Commission (ACNC).

Little Windmills hasDeductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, which means all donations over $2 aretax deductible!

Australian charities arerequired to have an individual ABN: ours is 58 892 970 924.

We report annually to theACNC to whom we are directly accountable.

 We’d love your help

Donate: Take 5 minutes and donate as little as 5dollars, 100% of all donations are directed to the kids we help. Donate at:

Raise Funds: Plan an event of your own to raise funds for thecharity it can be as simple as: a morning tea, a swim or a walk. 

Spread the word: Talk to your friends and neighbours about LittleWindmills and the important work we’re doing. 

Facebook: ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ Little Windmills on Facebook.