Backpack Bed for Homeless and the Backpack Bed® was awarded Australia’s highest honour – the Best Community Organisation by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Backpack Bed for Homeless (formerly known as Swags for Homeless) is a nationally accredited charity in Australia and is winner of 2011 Australian Human Rights award for best Community Organisation; Australia’s highest honor.  Founder Tony Clark and his wife Lisa designed the live saving Backpack Bed to give dignity to homeless turned away from shelter.

It is no mean feat, governments around the world have yet to figure out how to give dignity and protect the human rights of people sleeping on the street. Yet, the internationally acclaimed Backpack Bed has proven; by the support of over 600 homeless authorities and 1000’s of homeless, to improve the health, dignity and comfort of those sleeping on our streets, under bridges and throughout our citiies.

The Backpack Bed has been awarded seven product design awards including the Worlds largest and most prestigious product design award; the German 2011 Red Dot “Best of the Best”. The Backpack Bed was chosen from 4433 products from 60 countries. The Backpack Bed has been acquired 4 international museums.

Our Goals are:

  • To nationally improve, support and bring back dignity to homeless people
  • To establish, conduct and manage projects focused on the homeless
  • To assist and conduct social welfare and relief work including relief of poverty, sickness, suffering and misfortune.