Featured FAQ's

Unfortunately no.

Phoenix Airwaves has chosen to partner with charities that do amazing work but receive NONE or very little government funding.

To be a Charity Partner with Phoenix Airwaves a charity must receive 90% or more of their funding from community / public donations.

In addition to many other positive outcomes, the charity will directly benefit from a new and ongoing fundraising program that delivers life changing experiences to the people they support.

They charities also gain an avenue to give back to their corporate partners and future donators as their ads are played to the ever growing community of listeners (supporters) who tune into Phoenix Airwaves.

We are completely committed to helping our Charity Partners with as much funding as possible.

50% of every Ad Package goes to the charities chosen by the advertising business.

Businesses will benefit from increased exposure through the extended charity supporter base of listeners, volunteers etc. They will receive another potential return on their donations as there ads are played throughout the network.

Being involved in Phoenix Airwaves means that businesses can also see the real life changes that take place.

The DJ's are the men, women & children that the charities support. A child in hospital, a farmer in drought, a volunteer at a homeless shelter.

These are a few examples of the many varied people who could experience life in a different way and break the cycle of a 'normal' day. They get the opportunity to be part of a digital radio station and potentially change the lives of many more.

The wider community benefits from a platform that delivers real music entertainment by beneficiaries of our charities.

Anytime that the people in our communities who are doing it tough get the opportunity to, not only benefit themselves, but give back and potentially change the lives of others around them, it's a win - win. Let's make it grow!

As long as you already can provide us with your 30 second ad, ready to go, we will usually have it into the stations rotation within 7 days of your completed order and payment.