Laundromat change

Surprise someone and leave extra coins next to a washer and dryer at your local laundromat.

Praise a post

Take a minute to reply to posts that make you laugh, inspire, interest or excite you.  Let the person or business behind the post know that their information was appreciated by leaving a comment or even just a smiley face.  It only takes a second!

Praise a local business

If you've had great service from a business, contact them via email or their website   and leave a heartfelt compliment (instead of a complaint)!  Businesses can use these as testimonials to help build future business for them and they get that feel good moment that we all love. (You get double points for this one!)

Shopping trolley shuffle

Offer to return someone's trolley to the trolley bay to save them the trip back.  So simple.... you'll be amazed how you feel when you do it!

Buried treasure

Make a child's day by leaving coins buried in a sandpit at your local playground!  They will be so excited when they find the buried treasure!

Library surprise

Leave a surprise in the library book when you next return it.  It could be a drawing, an inspirational quote or just a note saying "I hope you have a great day!

Mirror message

Use a dry erase marker to write a kind message on your mirror for yourself, your partner or a family member.

Care package

Send a care package to someone in self-isolation.  Include some of your favourites...a book, DVD, music playlist, food, a hand written note etc.

Message in a pocket

Write a positive body image message on notepaper and place it in the pocket of a pair of jeans in a shop.

Take time for you

Spend at least 30 mins each day doing something that you love!

Feed someone's parking meter

Top up the parking meter of the car next to yours. 

Pick up litter

Pick up litter that you come across in your neighbourhood.

Weekly thank you note

Write or email a work colleague a note of thanks/positivity for something they have done, or complimenting them on an idea they had etc. Select one person each week to do this to.

Coffee break

Make or buy a co-worker a tea or coffee and write a kind message on the lid.  For added impact, take a mental note of how they take their coffee beforehand, so you don't have to ask.

Birthday Reward

Give employees an extra long lunch break on their birthday (or the entire day off, if you can).

Share fresh produce

Bring in fresh fruits or vegetables from your garden to share.

Hold office "Random Acts of Kindness" Days

Perform a random act of kindness anonymously for a co-worker (eg. wash the car for your sales person). This could be held on the first day of each month or every Friday!

Outdoor meetings

Offer to have meetings out of the office every now and then.  You may have them at a nearby coffee shop, park or even outside on a balcony, if you have one.  As the saying goes, "A change is as good as a holiday!"

Walking meetings

Grab your sandshoes and go for a 10-15 minute walk, while discussing / brainstorming your current project with a colleague.  Studies show that exercise gets the creative juices flowing.

Send a funny video

Brighten up a colleagues day by sending them a funny video / joke.  They'll appreciate the fact that someone noticed they're having a tough day and the laugh could help bring welcome relief.

Take time out

Take time for yourself when you feel stressed.  Go for a walk, sit in a quiet place for a few moments, climb the stairs in your building, listen to some music.

Treat staff or co-workers

Order takeaway for an employee or work colleague that is working late.

Kindness Bookmarks

Create bookmarks with messages of kindness and place them in random books in your school library.

Write a kindness note

Individually or as a class, write a message of appreciation to teacher, staff member, bus driver, cleaner etc.

Local Brainstorm

Select a local charity and brainstorm a class project to help.

Class kindness journal

Capture the kind deeds done by students by keeping a class kindness journal.

Kindness competition

Hold a competition in your school to find the kindest person in your extended community.

kindness awards

Hand out kindness of the Week awards for kind deeds noticed.

Teddy Bear Drive

Hold a teddy bear drive.  Donate the teddies to police, ambulance, hospitals or shelters to offer as comfort to children going through a traumatic event.  If you're feeling crafty, you may event like to make the teddies and attach a tag with the person of the name who made/donated the teddy.

Kindness challenge

As a class, brainstorm simple, everyday ways we can show kindness to ourselves, each other, family and the planet.  Construct a 7, 14 or 28 day challenge checklist.  Each day children carry out one of the kind deeds and colours it in on their checklist.

Kindness artwork

Create artworks of kindness and give them to community centres, retirement homes, hospitals etc to brighten up their walls with kind words and images.

Anonymous help

As a whole class, adopt an anonymous local family in need of support, brainstorm ideas and help them.

Adopt kindness

As a class or whole school, adopt a hospital or nursing home and brainstorm ideas to help them.

Kind start to the day

Take 5 minutes to start the day with a kindness quote or story.