Every school receives their own branded coin page (hosted free) including a logo and banner. You’ll also get an interactive map showing where the coin has journeyed and the distance it has traveled.

Sample Logo and Banner Promotion


Sample Tracking Display


Kindness In Schools - Ideas

Most Popular - Internal Kind Coin Program
Purchase a Kind Club Pack for $95 and receive 30 ceramic kindness chips to start an internal kindness initiative at your school. Involve the whole school community - students, parents, teachers, admin, principal, cleaners & volunteers etc.

In exactly the same way as our Kind Coin program works, the chips are passed within the school community from person to person as kind deeds are done.

It is like a secret santa program all year round but the gifts are kindness.

What difference could happen in your school with 30 or more kind deeds constantly taking place.

The effect could be astonishing and long lasting.

We have even designed and hosted a forum (unique to your school) where people could tell their stories.