Throw away your old ideas of radio advertising. Small Biz Radio has a completely new concept.

No matter how small your shop is, we have some retail radio therapy to help. Small Biz Radio is all about helping promote small retail business. Giving a voice to the amazing and unique small businesses Australia wide.

There's NO talkback, NO announcers, NO news... Just great music from the 70's till today (with some radio ads from our Small Business Members sprinkled in between).

What if I need a 30 second commercial?

We can certainly help with that. In fact we have some professional Voice Over Partners that have agreed to provide their voice talents to produce commercials at an amazing rate for our members.

What can Small Biz Radio do to help my business?

One huge key feature is the peace of mind that the licencing fee to play Small Biz Radio as background music to entertain your customers is included in the monthly subscription.

Many people do not realise it but if you play background music in your business without the correct licence, you are breaking the law. Playing tunes via streaming services such as Spotify in a restaurant, cafe, retail store or any commercial business is illegal.

Can any business subscribe?

Unfortunately, NO.
Click below for the conditions.

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Small Biz Radio is a Phoenix Airwaves Initiative